Christine is awesome. She got rid of my shoulder pain after just one acupuncture treatment. Thank you Christine! I’ll be back!

-June F

I came to Christine for help with my acne, as well as my stress. After 3 sessions of 30 min acupuncture, I noticed the acne on my face was starting to clear. Then on the 4th treatment she did the acupuncture points as well as a pumpkin peel, because she is also an esthetician. The acupuncture combined with the facial made my skin completely clear for the first time in years! Getting the acupuncture done is also a very relaxing service, which I didn’t expect! She recommended me Chinese herbs, which also helped me to de-stress when I’m home. I now get acupuncture treatments here and there to manage my clear skin.

-Kaila J

I came to see Christine, by a trusted friend’s referral, for some digestive problems. After 3 treatments, I noticed a big difference. I don’t have any more acidic regurgitation. I’m continuing to work with her for sleep and stress issues.
I highly recommend Christine.

-Rick A

This was my first time getting acupuncture and I was afraid of needles. Christine was very compassionate with me and put me at ease. I had pain in my shoulder for 3 years and it is now gone!

-Caroline C

I started getting better after one month of acupuncture treatments. I have had headaches all my life and just thought I had to live with it. Christine explained that it was related to my digestion and stress, that I could get better. I can see improvement in my digestion and my family says I am less stressed.

-Laura R

Christine helped me relieve some long standing neck pain I was experiencing. She is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. I came in with an 8 out 10 pain level and left with no pain. Thank you so much, Christine!

-Shelly P